We’re a division of a division of a division. Kind of like the 5th child in a very large family… so we get off really easy. We’re allowed to be different and no one puts up much of a fuss. They think we’re really “cute”, creative, and fun. As long as we don’t cause too much trouble, hurt ourselves, or burn down the house, we get to go where we want, and do what we do. Our parents ( Vetrazzo and Polycor) have been doing their thing forever, and we think it’s cool, but we’re just wired a little differently.

We pick up the scraps that go unnoticed and get discarded along the way. Then we imagine how to recycle and breathe new life into them (such as turning discarded waste into beautiful recycled glass objects). It’s the little things in life that catch our eye. Stretching our resources a little further to create sustainable and green products that help keep our planet free of debris, and make it last until after we grow up so our kids enjoy the same opportunity to be amazed we’ve had.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve created for you.

Pierre Habitat