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+ How soon will I receive my pulls??

All orders ship in 1-3 weeks depending on the backlog, we make everything specific to your order!

+ There are little holes in the white part… is that normal?

We have strict Quality Control tolerances in place, which means we don’t ship anything that doesn’t pass inspection.  The little air holes are the nature of the product and can be expected.  They don’t effect the performance of your hardware in an way.

+ I received the wrong order/something isn’t right!

Sorry about that, we’ll make it right!…  visit our Returns & Exchanges page for instructions

+ The Screws I received for the hardware don’t fit my cabinet or furniture piece

We included a standard screw that fits many configurations but it’s impossible for us to know exactly what sort of screw you need since there’s so many possibilities of how deep the wood piece is going to be.  If you find that you’re in the minority and the screw we provided doesn’t fit we suggest taking a measurement of the depth that the screw needs to go through and then head over to your local hardware store with one of your hardware pieces and someone should be able to help you find what you need.

+ I’m a retailer and want to offer your products in my showroom, do you work with the trade? And do you have display boards?

Of course!  We love Dealers displaying our product and we want to work with you.  Check out our Become A Dealer Page and we’ll walk you through the process of getting an account set up.  Tip* Be sure to have your resale number handy.

+ I don’t like my hardware, it’s too _________ or not _________ enough.

Whatever the reason, we’re not happy until you’re happy.  We’ll take your hardware back within 30 days – no questions asked (less a 10% restocking fee).

+ Can you make my hardware from my own material to match my project perfectly?

Yes! Just follow the instructions found here.